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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Greeting card with layered card stock and mesh. Perfect Pearls were used to add glimmer. The bookmark is vellum with a mullberry back, fibers and charms, feather, and sea shells. A gold accent was used.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sheila's Card

This card is punched with Martha Stewart punches and a pattern paper was added.. Fibers were wound around and a pergamano, mulberry paper and dried flower book mark was inserted in the fibers.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pergamano Bookmark III

Pergamano on mulberry with fibers.

Pergamano Bookmark II

Pergamano on mulberry with fibers.

Pergamano Bookmark I

Pergamano on mulberry with fibers

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Butterfly Overlay

Pergamano overlay with gold accents.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is a Puzzle

This ATC is on patterned cardstock with a vellum maze over it. When the string is pulled, it reveals a wet embossed puzzle piece. The corners are embellished with seashells and a rhinestone.

If the Shoes fit, buy the Matching Bag

This card is made of napkins, and printed transparencys. The center bag is wet embossed.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pergamano Bookmarks

Pergamano bookmarks made of vellum and backed with mulberry paper. Seashells, charms, fibers, peacock feathers, beading, and rhinestone accents.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

This fold-out has been decorated with feathers, vellum, dried, and seashell flowers. Leaves were punched out of wall paper and vellum. Flower Soft was used to accent the tiny baby conch shells.Vellum roses are made using the gaylex leaf punch.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Peacock Feather Bookmark

Pergamano bookmark with embossing and fibers, and a mulberry paper backing.

Recycle Magic II

Recycle Magic II
This card is made from a Diet Pepsi can run thru the Cuttlebug, alcohol inked and put on a card covered in alcohol inked dryer sheet. The flower is made from home-made junk mail and the feather has been kindly donated from someone's pheasant dinner bird

Tree of Life

Tree of Life
This image on water color paper, is my husband's abdominal aeortic anyurism made into a tree. Dried flowers and Glossy Accents water have been added. The doctor that fixed my "Tree of Life" has a copy of this image


The first of the triplets has been made of a Sculpy face colored with alcohol inks, and markers (which btw thin out just like alcohol inks with thinner), fiber hair, a cut-up gift bag butterfly and collaged background. The body is a sea shell.

Easter Faerie Button & Bead Bunny

Easter Faerie Button & Bead Bunny
Printed transparency on silver cardstock, inlay of colored dryer sheets, parchment embossed bunny, hand-painted beads, and buttons. Wings are stamped and embossed on transparency

A Piece of My Dreams

A Piece of My Dreams
This card's background is Nancy's "paper fabric" . Fibers, feather, and a shell were added

The Peacock Seed Company

The Peacock Seed Company
This card has been stamped and floral colored with water-colour pencils. Dried flowers were added. The pocket is made of rice paper. Glossy Accents were added to the pitcher to give it a glass-like look. The charm is a shell with a sticker coated with Glossy Accents and fitted with a bead chain

Fibers & Favorites

Fibers & Favorites
This busy little card has a base of fused fibers ( th Berlin technique). The webing that the top fibers are woven through is a "guard" that is used over Spider Mums at the flower shop. I have added a feather, a vellum flower, and sea shells

I Am Your Fate

I Am Your Fate
This image was printed on a hand wipe from the grocery ( clean one of course) . The hat was stuffed and sewn. I used water colour pencils to enhance the color. Perfect Pearls were dusted on and some careful gold embossing. The flower was painted with Glossy Accents

Patti's Award Gift

Thanks so much for this award.
Patti's wonderful blog is Here
Now I need to tell you 8 things about me.. :
1. I am 62 years old, married, with two grown daughters , 4 grandchildren with us here and one in Heaven. I live in Ohio, USA.
2. I use to oil paint and have paintings scattered across the USA and Canada. Now, I love the mixed media art and new techniques are my weakness. My dining room now masquarades as an art room.
3. My vocation has been "floral designer" since 1967, but I've done way more things than I ever thought possible, from Tupperware manager to monument designer. Now, I am part-time florist, and a provider for developmentally disabled people (which I love). I teach an art class for our consumers .
4. My husband, kitty, and I love to camp and have a 35' camper permanently sitting at Glacier Hills. Quite the get-away.
5. My secret loves are sea shells, cat whiskers (shedded ones, of course.. they're good luck), and feathers. I also love working with teeny teeny things.
6. James Patterson is my favorite author so far..I've never been much of a reader. I have to have my hands moving...
7. I am Christian and attend Piqua Baptist Church. I have been so blessed with abilities I can't believe ...God has been so good to me. I love to sing and praise the Lord.
8. Last is an affermation.... I intend to spend more time with this blog and teach passers-by all I can, as meager as it might be.
Now to give this award to 8 other bloggers, and those in my list need to do too...
This is going to be hard... Soo many artist people out there..
Lenna is Here/
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